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Is a professional oven clean worth it?

What costs are involved? What products are used in a professional oven clean?

Another cost worth considering is the products used in the professional oven clean. Professional oven cleaners often use eco-friendly, non-corrosive and non-caustic products. These ensure your appliance continues to perform for a longer period of time. Supermarket brands often have either corrosive elements or caustic ingredients which negatively impact performance. The wrong products can also be bad for your health, you can read more about this here. When factoring in the cost of a new oven compared to the cost of a professional oven clean every 6 months, the benefits are plain to see. 

The appliance itself is the the final consideration when understanding the costs involved. The cost of a single oven clean would be lesser than a full range clean. 

The average costs of a professional oven clean per appliance in 2021 is as follows;

Single Oven £45 – £55
Double Oven£65 – £75
Full Range £90 – £100
AGA £120 – £140
(Prices may vary between company and region)

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