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Dish Washer Clean

Dish Washers and How We Clean Them

Our Dish washer cleaning service leaves no nasty chemical smells as we only use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and you can use your dish washer straight away, after it’s professionally cleaned.

Firstly, we remove all items within the dishwasher and leave them soak in our advanced dip tank system, away from the kitchen.

Filters, door seals, and edges are cleaned with our non-caustic eco-friendly solutions. The dishwasher is then put on a 40-minute cycle. Then the dishwasher is dried and reassembled.

Finally, we polish it – all stainless steel and aluminium products are polished using an oil-based stainless-steel cleaner

Note: Dish Washer Clean is an add-on and can be ordered only with Any Oven or BBQ Clean

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