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Extractor Fan Clean

Extractor Fans and How We clean Them

Extractor fans are designed to get rid of all the grease, smells and fumes that are produced when we are cooking. Many of us don’t even consider cleaning our extractor fan, but just like our ovens, they need regular attention. Without cleaning your cooker hood, it can easily become blocked up and hazardous.

To be safe, we turn off the electrics to your extractor fan before we start.

We remove the outer casing to be able to access the rest of your extractor and remove the casing from the extractor itself.
Using warm soapy water, we clean the outer casing of your cooker hood from any grease and dust that has built up over time.

In some extractor fans, we can unclip the fan from your extractor. If so, we remove the fan and wipe it down with warm, soapy water.
(If we are unable to remove the fan on your cooker hood, we can clean it while it is still attached. However, it is especially important not to get water into the motor or break one of the blades. We avoid this by not getting the fan too wet and ensuring everything is dried properly.

Next, we remove the filter from your extractor fan and wash it in warm, soapy water. If there are any difficult areas that we cannot get into, we use a special tool to get into these small corners.
Please note, if you have a paper or carbon-based filter, we will check your manufacturer’s guidelines before cleaning the extractor filter.

Finally, we make sure everything is completely dry, then reassemble.

Note : Extractor Fan Clean is an add-on and can be ordered only with Any Oven or BBQ Clean

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