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We cover over 90% of the population of the UK.

Yes, each cleaner will live local to your postcode, so they do not have far to travel.

Our employed cleaners are fully vetted and trained to clean every type of oven, including Neff Hide and Slide, in a professional manner.

Our average oven cleaning time is 1 ½ hours – 2 hours.

Yes, we protect the surrounding area of the oven and kitchen.

We are just a call away. Ring us on 01603 555 485.

Extractor cleaning is especially important, our cleaners work with gentle degreasing agents to firstly, dissolve the build of oily fumes and the filters and all removable parts are soaked in our eco-friendly dip tank system and thoroughly cleaned.

An oven mat is a non-stick mat which is placed on the bottom of your oven to catch any fallen food and crumbs.

Yes, we replace bulb and seals as well as we repair simple faults.

Reach out to us on 01603 555 485. We might have a cancellation on that day.

We clean all type of ovens, hob, extractor fan, fridge, washing machine and BBQs. You can get a list of appliance that we clean, here.

You can login to your account here. and can check all the details.

Once you have made your booking you will receive a confirmation call to narrow your time slot down. You can also track your cleaner using a link we send yo your phone, on the day of the clean.

To check availability in your area, please click the link below and if you have any trouble making your booking or need a special request, please call this number 01603 555 485.

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