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Fridge/Freezer Clean

Fridge/Freezers and How We Clean Them

We remove food and plastic shelves trying to prevent any damage. We unplug or switch off the fridge/freezer and let the plastic come to room temperature before removing them as they are less likely to split.

With the shelves and drawers out, we spray the fridge and freezers interior with our eco-friendly solution, concentrating on any areas with dried on gunk. We then clean the shelves in our advanced dip tank system. Then return to the fridge/freezer and wipe it out thoroughly with a soft, damp cloth. The special eco-friendly solution will work like magic at removing not just sticky mess and germs, but fridge smells, too.

We always dry the fridge/freezer thoroughly before you put the food back in and shut the door.

Even if your fridge/freezer is working fine and with no pools of water, we still check for blockages as this is part of your deep clean. 

Fridge door seals, otherwise known as the gasket, can quickly collect crumbs and spills, so we vacuum into them with a crevice tool.

We next fill a spray container with equal parts of warm water and our eco-friendly solution and spray the freezer walls. Using a soft cloth to work the special mix into the surfaces, then dry thoroughly.

When the fridge/freezer is washed and thoroughly dried, we shut the doors and wait for the right temperature before replacing the food.

Just as we used our eco-friendly products inside the fridge/freezer, we use both it the outside of a white appliance, too. We clean the top of the appliance doors, since those can become sticky, and we pay attention to the areas around handles, which become grimy with constant contact.

Note : Fridge/Freezer Clean is an add-on and can be ordered only with Any Oven or BBQ Clean

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