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Is a professional oven clean value for money?

When considering which company to hire for a professional oven clean it’s important to get value for money. For example, choose a company that uses eco-friendly and non-caustic products. This is crucial to protect yourself from buying a new appliance later down the line due to corrosion. 

Also, when compared to other cleaning costs such as domestic or window cleaning, the average for each being;

Domestic Cleaning£10 – £15 (Per hour)
Window Cleaning£20 – £25 (Per hour) 
(prices are the UK average costs in 2021)

The prices for a professional oven clean is reasonable considering the day-to-day use of the appliance, considering the time it takes to perform an oven clean. A professional oven clean takes on average an hour for a single oven. As the size and ranges differ, the times for a larger oven could take longer. Additionally, home cleaning would likely take longer than this if you’re not oven savvy. The result could end in damaging the appliance with continuous cleans with corrosive products. 

With all these factors, The answer to how much does it cost to have your oven professionally cleaned? Is not straightforward. There are factors involved in the pricing structure. Ranging from availability to products used and also the type of oven needing to be cleaned. The constant in all these scenarios is the cost being reasonable when compared to other domestic cleaning prices. Additionally, with the ease of booking all professional cleaners offer, the peace of mind knowing your appliance will be in the care of a professional is priceless. If you would like to enquire about having your oven professionally cleaned, you can get a free quote and make a booking on our booking page.

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