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Microwave Clean

Microwaves and How We Clean Them

When cleaning your microwave, we aim to cause as little disruption to your kitchen as possible. Having a dirty microwave is bad enough without having to worry about the microwave cleaning specialist causing a noise or making a mess.

At Cleaner Ovens, we provide a professional and high-quality service. Any parts of your microwave or microwave grill that can be removed are done so and soaked outside in our advanced dip tank system.

Our cleaning system is completely exclusive to the Cleaner Ovens network of locally employed microwave cleaning specialists. All cleaned microwaves are completely safe to use just as soon as we’ve finished.

What this means is that you can be confident in your microwave clean, knowing that the solutions used are safe and that your kitchen will be left clean once we have left.

No matter what state your microwave is in – whether it needs a quick spring polish or a deep clean to remove grime – we are on hand to help. Our experts are both affordable and professional, offering a microwave cleaning service that is second to none.

Note: Microwave Clean is an add-on and can be ordered only with Any Oven or BBQ Clean

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