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What is better for your oven, Mr Muscle or Oven Pride?

Do you have an oven that desperately needs a clean? The go to options for domestic cleaning is often either Mr Muscle or Oven Pride, but which is better for your oven? We’ll try and answer what is better for your oven, Mr Muscle or Oven Pride? Below. 

Your oven is dirty and is in desperate need of a clean, so you head down to your local supermarket, wading through crowds to be greeted by a sea of domestic cleaning products. The two most commonly used products being Mr Muscle and Oven Pride. You wonder which is better for your oven so decide to do some research. Well we’re here to answer that exact question. Below we’ll go through the advantages of each so you can decide which is more beneficial for your oven. 

Before Deciding on Mr Muscle or Oven Pride.  

Before any domestic oven cleaning, you should always consider the type of oven you have. Choosing products that are non-caustic and non-corrosive regardless is the way to ensure the product will not damage your oven. It’s also important in these instances to protect your skin from the chemicals used in the cleaning solution. Mr Muscle contains Sodium Hydroxide and Sodium Laureth Sulfate which are toxic to humans. Oven pride contains the same ingredients which are extremely corrosive. If they come into contact with your skin or eyes it is crucial to wash the affected area for at least 20 seconds. If symptoms still persist then seek urgent medical advice. The best way to avoid any mishaps would be to wear gloves and cover your arms with a long sleeve shirt. 

Another consideration is if you have a self-cleaning oven. Given the high temperatures they reach, often over 400 degree celsius, reacting with the chemicals within the domestic cleaning solution, corroding the shell of the oven. Another consideration with domestic cleaning products is the type of surface you’re applying the solution to. Mr Muscle is only recommended for the shell of the oven and glass door, not the outside surface. DO NOT APPLY to surfaces that are either Plastic or Aluminium. If you are ever unsure, the best course of action would be to not apply. 

This also applies for other areas such as Hobs and Microwaves as the high temperatures would again react negatively with chemicals within domestic cleaning solutions.

The final step for preparing a domestic oven clean would be to switch off all appliances at the source,  removing the shelving and applying the solution, following the instructions found on the product label. 

Mr Muscle – The Benefits. 

If the domestic route is more your style then Mr Muscle may be the first product you turn to. Here are some benefits to using Mr Muscle Oven cleaner.

 Mr Muscle prides itself on being a reliable and cost effective method of cleaning your oven. A 300ml bottle of Mr Muscle oven cleaner has an average price of  £3.50 across all supermarkets. They aim to remove tough grease and grime with their self-cleaning formula aiming to leave any surface sparkling clean. 

A clean using Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner is advised to take no longer than 30 minutes. This is to ensure no damage is caused to the shell of the oven or interior racks. This is obviously beneficial in terms of time-frame. A professional oven clean doesn’t take much longer with the average being around 45 minutes to an hour. However the process isn’t as effortless as it seems. It would still require a cleaning of the residue that’s left behind, depending on the amount of time since the last clean which is not for the faint hearted. 

Oven Pride – The Benefits. 

Oven Pride follows a similar home oven clean process, considering the ingredients within the solution are almost identical. It costs on average £4 across all supermarkets for 500ml of cleaning solution, which is slightly more than Mr Muscle but also offers more cleaning solution. 

They also offer protective gloves to be used to stop any contact with the skin. They offer bags for the racks and shelves to be placed in, then with the added cleaning solution set aside for 4 hours, or to achieve the desired results left overnight. The solution can also be added to the shell of the oven and similarly left for a minimum of 4 hours, ideally overnight to achieve the same results as a professional oven clean.

The results

In conclusion, whilst the ingredients involved in Mr Muscle and Oven Pride are nearly identical, the price, process and result differ for each. With Mr Muscle the value comes from the time-frame it takes to clean the appliance. It’s completed within 30 minutes, however this does not factor in time for post-cleaning and ventilation which can add up to 2 hours before the oven is ready for use. 

When compared with Oven Pride, while they are more expensive, they offer greater value for money. Not only is there more cleaning solution, the included shelving bags and gloves makes the cleaning process safer and easier. 

However, the shortfall with Oven Pride comes with cleaning time. The 4 hours minimum to achieve a noticeable clean is somewhat unconventional. Especially if your oven is used often, 4 hours could seem like a lifetime. Not to forget this is a minimum and the recommended is to leave it overnight. This does not factor in time for ventilation and cleaning any leftover residue. Sometimes with stubborn residue and carbon these solutions will not do the job. In these cases if you don’t want to spend the time scrubbing away, a professional oven clean might be best. They are time efficient, cost-effective and remove the risk of injury as they are professionals. Not forgetting using solutions that are eco-friendly and will have your oven ready to use within an hour depending on the appliance. 

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